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Clinical Supervision

One of the most important aspects of helpful clinical supervision is that it provides a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment to learn and grow. Dr. Bense offers clinical supervision to ensure ongoing growth and development for emerging and terminally licensed clinicians.

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Clinical Supervision

Dr. Bense is a New Jersey State Approved Clinical Supervisor and provides clinical supervision for clinicians seeking terminal licensure.

Clinical Consultation

Terminally licensed clinicians can also benefit from consultation.


Clinical supervision can be an extraordinary process that is both challenging and supportive, but the fit between you and your supervisor is important! Private supervision allows you the space to grow and learn at your pace, as well as concentrate on the aspects of clinical work that are important to you.

Dr. Bense has been a New Jersey Approved Clinical Supervisor since 2016, and is experienced in providing clinical supervision for Licensed Social Workers (LSW) and Licensed Associate Counselors (LAC) towards terminal licensure.

These services are provided in full compliance with state and federal regulation from the American Counseling Association, the New Jersey Board of Social Work Examiners, the National Association of Social Workers, and the New Jersey Board of Family and Marriage Examiners.


Everyone needs a space where they can continue their growth. Dr. Bense offers clinical consultation services for LCSW, LPC, DSW, or Psy.D therapists and clinicians which gives the opportunity to enhance their current knowledge base and receive the support they need to continue growing. Available to terminally licensed clinicians seeking support or enhancing their practice or leadership development.

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